say hello to the shrinking in your head (whitepoison) wrote,
say hello to the shrinking in your head

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i'm waiting for school to end

Your head is half-full
But it’s okay
Mine is half-empty
We’re different that way
Procrastination is cool
So jump on the wagon
Keep arms and legs inside
And stop your head from draggin’
It’s all right if you can’t justify what you say
Just skim the surface
They’ll like you anyway
We’ll pass that woman in a box
Chained and bound with locks
I’d tell you what she said
But there’s a bag over her head
You’re floating through space now
So take off your shoes
The only thoughts you’ll need now
Are the ones you’ll never use
You can take off your jacket now
You’re close to the sun
This ridicule and mockery
I only mean in fun
Throw away those glasses now
There’s nothing to see
Avert that perfect hearing
There’s no one here but me
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