say hello to the shrinking in your head (whitepoison) wrote,
say hello to the shrinking in your head

Jordan (1:19:46 AM): Audioslave eat shit out of a dog's ass.
Jordan (1:19:52 AM): As do the White Stripes.
i like cornbread (1:19:59 AM): You make me sad.
Jordan (1:20:13 AM): Because I don't succumb to bad, over marketed music?
i like cornbread (1:20:27 AM): The White Stripes have some cool songs.
Jordan (1:20:35 AM): Haha, riiiight.
Jordan (1:21:31 AM): Yeah, The Kinks called, they want their guitar riffs back.
Jordan (1:21:53 AM): Love as Laughter called, they want their sound back.
Jordan (1:22:36 AM): Mick Collins called...he wants all his music back, and to beat the piss out of you.
Jordan (1:22:53 AM): Unoriginal, pseudo-nouveau, overhyped, overmarketed music.
Jordan (1:23:05 AM): Except
Jordan (1:24:12 AM): " its Rage?"
"Well, kind of."
"Kind of?"
"Well, you know how they were really political before?"
"Well Zach's gone."
"Oh. That's alright."
"Chris Cornell is their new singer. They kind of sing know. People. And things. Nothing specific. They're mad sometimes though. Sometimes they're sad."
"Dude, isn't that Soundgarden?"
"Fuck, I don't know."

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