say hello to the shrinking in your head (whitepoison) wrote,
say hello to the shrinking in your head


i am so getting the "naw brah/yeah brah" shirt.

went to claire's today, and watched part of "chasing amy". just when i started wondering who the fuck "amy" was, april said we had to LEAVE. lwjer33kl3

being grounded is the single most annoying thing in the history of annoying things.

i want to make brownies and cookies and pastries and eat them all. forever. this no-carbohydrates thing is making me go insane. i don't remember it doing that before, but i saw a pan of brownies today and i wanted to rub them all over my face. eating the top of pizza makes people think i'm pretty whack, yo.

everyone talks about this degrassi thing, and i don't know WHERE I AM SUPPOSED TO SEE THIS SHIT. is it on TV? i am so lost.

i DO rule for the following reason:

1} I put rum in my iced tea and it is like a party in my mouth.

/end shitty post
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