say hello to the shrinking in your head (whitepoison) wrote,
say hello to the shrinking in your head

Lollapalooza was fun. Times eight thousand.

I met Jared Leto twice!! He sat right behind us to watch Incubus too. Yay. 30 Seconds to Mars put on such an awesome show.

Incubus. Hot. Trojan was handing out free condoms and people were blowing them up into balloons and throwing them all over the stadium, and on stage. And Brandon Boyd said "Wow, you know you're having fun when people are throwing around condoms."

And people were tossing around these huge beachball things. And the singer of Queens of the Stone Age said "Hey, throw that up on stage for a second!" and so they did. And he said "Hey, this isn't a fucking playground!" and popped it. With a knife. And then "this next song isn't about a fucking playground... ... it's about feelings." haha.

and audioslave was great, too, even though i'm not too big on audioslave. chris cornell is a pretty nifty guy. he kept talking about the denver broncos, though. a lot.

i liked rooney's show, too.

and perry farrell couldn't stop smiling the entire set.

much fun. many a sunburn. the end.

oh yeah. when i got my cd autographed...

jared leto: ::takes cd:: ... you wanna unwrap it first? ::unwraps it::
melissa: ::stupid look:: oh yeah.. ha.. i guess that would have been a good idea...
jared leto: ha. yeah.

oh yeah, slick baby. slick.
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bah. i still can't believe i missed Queens of the Stone Age and Rooney. >_